Slab Leak Reasons and Prevention

Posted by on Mar 21, 2016 in Slab Leak Detection Tampa, Slab Leak Repair Tampa

Homeowners that have a concrete slab foundation, have water pipes in the slab. When these water pipes start to leak water, it is known as a slab leak. It can be exceptionally tough to find a slab leak without the proper equipment. However, if it is located early on, it will save home owners lots of costs if the leak triggers considerable destruction to ones home.

For this reason, regularly arranged plumbing maintenance is essential for residents to have actually done. Regular maintenance to a home assists ensure that the whole plumbing system is working appropriately and all leaks are spotted and taken care of as quickly as possible. A slab leak could affect the capacity to market a residence and definitely will have to be fixed.

Sources of Tampa Slab LeaksSlab Leak Repair in Tampa

The following variables can lead to slab leakages.

Pipes are made from metal and while being underground, electrolysis is a natural process that will happen creating pipes to corrode. This can bring about holes in the pipes and ultimately a leak in the slab foundation.

Pipes go through the process of contraction and expansion because of the water within the pipe, and with vibrations with the pipe as water runs within it. The surface of the pipes can get leaks as a result of this constant abrasion.

It does not matter if one lives in a location that is susceptible to earthquakes, there is a bunch of pressure on underground pipes. This can lead to slab leaks. If the water pressure is truly not what is has to be, home owners could easily inform when utilizing any sort of tap.

A construction defect can cause an expensive slab leak scenario.

How One Can Stop Slab Leaks

The following tips are recommended for helping to stop slab leakages from taking place.

A constant water pressure must be preserved in the pipes at all times. This is a fragile equilibrium in any type of plumbing system, and a very good need to see to it a professional inspects ones plumbing in the house regularly.

The pH level of the water must be inspected. This will certainly allow a plumbing contractor recognize if the pipes are becoming rusted on the sides or not. Likewise, a very easy warning sign of corrosion is when the water appearing the taps is tarnished. Though it can be found with a pH examination prior to the pipes being corroded enough to begin to discolor the water.

Refrain from using chemical drain cleaners. They will certainly harm the interior of pipes and ultimately bring about a slab leak.

Homeowners should keep account of the general water use on the water bill. If the amount of water is rising, and the usage has not changed, there is a leak someplace.

Only a professional plumbing company should be made use of for maintenance and full assessments. We have the proper equipment to examine for leakages, and execute any type of required repairs. We have lots of experience with Tampa slab leak detection also. Get in touch with us today if you believe you have a potential slab leak in your home.